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Need a website?  Or a logo, business cards, t-shirt? Freeflyflow is a small consultancy which specialises in web and graphic design.  We have years of experience in media design and the expertise to explain various online and print media options.

We focus on helping you decide what media will best meet your needs and then developing them in close collaboration with our clients. We can also help you explore the rapidly developing field of online marketing to decide what strategies will best help you to grow your business or organisation.

We specialise in working with SMMEs, NGOs and individuals as this allows us to provide you with a targeted, personal service.


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Web Design

We build quick, clean and beautiful websites for your business or personal needs and help you decide what the key facts are that you need to communicate online and how best to present them. Many people now make use of mobile phones or tablets to access the web so all new sites are built on a responsive framework to take advantage of this.

These are some options you might want to consider:

  • - Standard static site
  • - Self-managed site (with Joomla Content Management System)
  • - Dynamic pages (for online databases, for example, a list of members in a specific area)
  • - Basic site built on standard template

For online marketing, we can help you with the following and more:

  • - Facebook pages and adverts
  • - Search engine advertising (e.g. Google adwords)
  • - Beautifully designed bulk emails and email response tracking using MailChimp

View some of our work by clicking here.

Social Media - Sell and advertise online 


Sell online now

Get your products online today.  

Whether you’re looking to sell products for your business, blog or hobby, we can set up a Facebook store for you that will enable you to connect to more customers than ever before. Your Facebook store provides you with revolutionary Facebook e-commerce potential and control over your business. Get started today and find out how easy it is to sell with Facebook. The Shopify/Facebook integration also allows us to insert 'Buy now' buttons on your website - instant ecommerce without any of the security headaches or costs associated with standalone ecommerce sites.

Contact us now to discuss our Facebook shop offer - From R2200 setup + only $9 dollars / month ongoing cost.


Facebook advertising

Advertise on Facebook now and capitalise on the social network's 1.65 billion daily active users.  Facebook advertising is highly targetable and cost-effective. We set up tightly targeted ads for you, run them and report on your ROI. Ideally ad material should be regularly changed as it impacts on response rate.


Monthly plans 

Cost Included ad designs/administration Included Ad Spend
R600 1 ad R300
R800 2 ads R300
R1100 2 ads R450
R1700 4 ads R600

More extensive options can also be discussed.

I can also manage your Facebook page  - track responses and ensure that you don't miss any crucial leads from as little as R500 / month.


Pricing varies depending on the complexity of the design required, but here is some basic information.  Please note that in every case what you are getting is customised design aimed at meeting your needs and the needs of your clients.

  • - Our hourly rate for graphic design is R400.  The hourly rate for basic web design is R300. Costs for web development will be negotiated on a case by case basis.
  • - Training manual / annual report / document design will be charged at R400 / hr, however, once the initial design is done, and depending on the content of the publication, we can produce between 10 and 20 pages of DTP / hour.
  • - Logo - approximately R1500 incl VAT depending on the complexity of the design required. 
  • - Business card - approximately R900 incl VAT.
  • - Flyers & posters - approximately R900 incl VAT.
  • - Websites - contact us for a quote if you require more than the basic site indicated below.

Bulk discounts apply.




  • - Basic logo + business card + letterhead design = R1999 incl VAT

This includes 2 sets of changes, and means that we will provide you with at least 3 options to choose from, of which you must choose 1 to make further changes on. Changes after the second set will be charged at the standard hourly rate for graphic design. 

  • - 1 page website + contact form + domain registration (.co.za only) +  1 year's hosting = R1999 incl VAT

This basic site will be built off a template, but will incorporate custom graphic elements.  You are expected to provide all copy and most images. If required, copy can be generated and images sourced but this will attract an additional cost which will be negotiated in advance.

  • - 4 page website + domain registration (.co.za only) = R2500 incl VAT

This basic site will be built off a template, but will incorporate custom graphic elements.  You are expected to provide all copy and most images. If required, copy can be generated and images sourced but this will attract an additional cost which will be negotiated in advance.

A 30% deposit is payable in advance. 


Toni was asked to assist us in designing the magazine for St Stephen's church. Not only was she incredible to work with but she produced the most amazing looking magazine - she organized something without vision into something beyond what we could have hoped for. She put in many hours under a tight deadline and lessened our panic. Thank you, Toni, for an amazing job!

Samantha Reid, St Stephen's Sunninghill

Toni designed a website, logo and business card for my business Flowz (www.flowz.eu). She produced excellent products for a reasonable price and was flexible and creative in the process.
Toni is very client orientated and designed something that works very well for me and the products are being well received by my clients and other contacts.
I highly recommend her for web and housestyle design.

Karen Kraan, Flowz.eu


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