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Sports for Good is a programme of the Nelson Mandela Children's Foundation.  This was a report on the two year pilot project of the Sports for Good Methodology.  It included a large number of stories told by children about the impact of the programme on their lives.

The brief was to develop a format which, while it looked professional, was also brightly coloured and simple to reflect that fact that this is a project which runs with children. The photos were all provided by the client but I drew all the graphic elements.

The final version which consisted of 40 pages + a 4 page cover was printed on 200gsm gloss paper, 20cm x 20cm.

From the Introduction:

"Sport has the power to appeal to a cross section of people and has been used over the decades as a tool to foster greater social cohesion. The Nelson Mandela Children's Fund (the Fund) over the years has been interested in harnessing this power to ensure the wellbeing of children and youth. In the last two years the Fund has deliberately invested in the use of sport as a tool for development through the Sport for Good pilot project (SGP). Nine implementing partners in South Africa and Swaziland were supported to use sport as part of their programming. Ongoing learning and harvesting of lessons throughout the two year project period has resulted in greater insight  on how sport can be used to address broader social challenges faced by children, youth and marginalised communities.

Preliminary evidence suggests that positive changes have taken place in the lives of children and youth who took part in the  pilot.  Children and youth were asked to write their stories of change. This methodology was adapted from the most significant change (MSC) approach. "

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